“Mercy all the way” gets honorary mention at POLARIZED Festival.

Mercy all the way (Säälistäjät), directed by Hannaleena Hauru was awarded with a special mention at POLARIZED! Festival in Rovaniemi 22 November 2015. The theme of the festival this year was Cultural jamming.

Honorary mention: Hannaleena Hauru – Mercy all the Way

“If this year’s theme of cultural jamming had been the sole criterion to work on, the honorary mention recipient Mercy All the Way might well have been the winner. With great casting, brilliant direction and editing, the short fiction makes us laugh for a serious social issue, which is not very often carried out very successfully in Finland. For this, we wish to congratulate and thank Hannaleena Hauru and her film crew.”



“Mercy all the way” at Brussels Short Film Festival

Säälistäjät, (Mercy all the way) is part of the International Competition at Brussels Short Film Festival in Belgium 2015. The festival takes place 23 April – 3 May. You can see the film in the International 2 -screening. Director Hannaleena Hauru and screenwriter-actress Tanja Heinänen are attending the festival 24-28 April.


April 25 at 10pm in Le Vendôme
April 27 at 6.30pm at Flagey.


Catching (2009)

Kaarina (actress Tanja Heinänen) is an unemployed Finnish sawmill worker, who travels to Argentina to work after having enough of the short term jobs and relatioships back up North. The film is a personal statement about the ongoing global transformation of the forest industry.

“Catching” continues from the themes of the sawmill related short film “If I Fall”, by Hannaleena Hauru, 2007. The film is opening a universal aspect to the issues about forest industry – work, and the search of love. “Catching” is combining everyday work to a poetic context with a dramaturgic structure following a cross-section of a tree.

director: Hannaleena Hauru
actress: Tanja Heinänen
editor: Andrea Zapata Girau

Language: Finnish, with English subtitles


Vialliset otteet (2009)

“Vialliset otteet” is a docufiction about Elina and Ari (26) and their unconventional relationship. The film is mixing material based on true events and feelings, true dreams, imaginined things, fictive events and documentary. It’s my bachelor’s thesis work for ELO Helsinki Film School.

In its first screenings in TaiK “Vialliset otteet” consisted of parts where the actors were performing live to the film audience. The process of making the film consisted of researching how the emotional appeal in the live and filmed material was received by the audience. The final tape version of the film is the conclusion of a process, where for over a year the director and the two main actors, Tanja Heinänen and Eugene Kleparski, studied the differences of presence and reality gained in live performances in opposition to the presence on the screen. Hannaleena Hauru made her theoretical study on trying to achieve a realistic feel to fictive material. Also the project was a study on various acting and directing methods, seeking for a more “authentic” cinema. One focus point was in achieving an “improvised” feeling to strictly written scenes.

The film ends to a 5-minute counterpart made for the script of “Vialliset otteet”.

We made a special “DVD version” of the performative film. It’s in two parts here:

DIRECTOR Hannaleena Hauru

SCRIPT Hannaleena Hauru

PRODUCER Hannaleena Hauru

CINEMATOGRAPHY Aarne Tapola, Jan-Niclas Jansson, Hannaleena Hauru

SOUND Hannaleena Hauru

EDITING Hannaleena Hauru, Lasse Poser

SET BUILDERS Jouko Raudasoja, Juha-Matti Toppinen,

OTHER: Tommi Kainulainen, Jarno Muhonen (sound recordists)
Pietari Peltola (assist. cinematography)

Tanja Heinänen (Elina)
Eugene Kleparski (Ari)

Featuring: Pirjo Heikkilä, Hanna Juvonen, Robert Grunow, Lasse Poser.

Homepage of the film.