Whispering in a friend’s mouth (2010)

Short film (10 minutes) shot in Summer 2009 in Finland – examining the borderline between platonic and romantic love through two linking time levels. Shot on S16mm with the support of the Finnish Film Foundation, AVEK and YLE. Premiered in Berlinale 2010 (Generation 14+).

Script:Hannaleena Hauru
Director:Hannaleena Hauru
Cinematography: Jan-Niclas Jansson
Set design: Jukka Nieminen
Sound: Jussi Honka
Music:Lauri Wuolio
Editing : Markus Leppälä
Production: Jussi Rantamäki
Actors: Anna Kuusamo, Antti Haikkala


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About disappearing (2005)

Glasses get lost in the lake..

The first short film I’ve written, and second that I ever directed. We were using 16mm film for the first time as well -we got one reel from the school and shot this.

4 min, Finnish English subtitles

with Ahti Jokinen and Marjut Sariola

script, dir: Hannaleena Hauru
cinematography: Jan-Niclas Jansson
editor: Jenny Tervakari
sound design: Jussi Aho
music: Petri Kallio
producer: Anu Kaaja
special thanks: Nina Tienhaara, Leo Viirret

made in 2005.