Films (B-side)

Here are more short films I’ve directed:

Syvien rivien kosto 1 – shareware version, it’s a demo I made with Tanja Heinänen and Santeri Helinheimo Mäntylä, for something insane that will happen in the future. Shot by Jan-Niclas Jansson, also starring Katri Myllyniemi <3.

I directed this flamethrower of new sketch comedy, written by the gorgeous creators Ilja Rautsi, Aino Havu, Tanja Heinänen and other creative minds from Kino Euphoria.

It’s a video targetted as education for men. Involves imporant material regarding the connection of women and toilets. By Hannaleena Hauru for Kino Euphoria Midnight Sun, June 2013. With Ella Mustajärvi, Clemence Laboureau, Samuli Salonen, Eero Erkamo, Niina Kiiveri.

Optical illusion, shot with Pietari Kylmälä and Riitta Ryhtä in September 2012. It’s an adaptation from a short story by Russian author Daniil Harms.

Conflict with a God. Shot in 2010. Crew: Hannaleena Hauru, Tanja Heinänen, Thomas Lesourd, Ilja Rautsi

Jealousy, daily (1 min) from Hannaleena Hauru on Vimeo.

Made in Kino Montreal 2011 (16mm B&W).

B-side Adultery from Hannaleena Hauru on Vimeo.

this is part of my MA Thesis. It’s an alternative version of the dramatic situation “Adultery”, as there was just too much left on the editing table. Shot in August 2010 during Kino Euphoria. The other version from the same shooting is here:

(12) HOW I MET YOUR FATHER (Obtaining) from Hannaleena Hauru on Vimeo.

Why is actress Tanja Heinänen holding a bun in that one image? Why is actor Synes Elischka about to kiss a pillow? What happened to the original lead actor Viktor Vida? Why is this film completely different than it was supposed to be?

Wait a minute, can this actually be called “a film”? Isn’t this one of those “dramatic execises” they’re talking about?

you might find some answers:

It all happened in Budapest, December 2010.

(1) Pyyntö (Supplication) from Hannaleena Hauru on Vimeo.

Consists of an unedited mayday call tape from the cruiseferry M/S Estonia.

I’m dealing with the dramatic situation “Supplication”. This work is part of my master’s thesis.

More about the project:

(9) WIDE STORM CRAZY PAPER (Daring Enterprise) from Hannaleena Hauru on Vimeo.

An experiment based on the butoh-performance by Tuulia Kallio and Kimmo Hokkanen -and the music we recorded for the project in Norway. This is a study on George Polti’s dramatic situation “Daring Enterprise”. The dramatic exercise was divided into four parts: 1) Clever plan, 2) Daring Enterprise, 3) Sang-froid and 4) Victory. We used these four parts in every phase of working.

performance: Tuulia Kallio & Kimmo Hokkanen
shooting and editing: Hannaleena Hauru
music: Kallio/Hokkanen/Hauru
based on the original script “WIDE STORM CRAZY PAPER” by: Ilja Rautsi
In association with Teatteri Olemus

I’m experimenting things, as a part of my master’s thesis:
Repeating, this is a dramatic exercise, a collection of a working process.

(7) Situation Hilma from Hannaleena Hauru on Vimeo.

check out also:

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