Metatitanic – premiere at Helsinki International Film Festival 2018

Hannaleena Hauru’s Metatitanic!


Metatitanic, English Teaser

Metatitanic (47 min) is exploring romantic love in capitalism through James Cameron’s film “Titanic” (1997). Meta-Rose (Hannaleena Hauru) and Meta-Jack (Jussi Lankoski) are falling in love while Helsinki is sinking, and jealous boyfriend (Kimi Vilkkula) can’t prevent love from happening.

Finnish magazine Voima wrote about Hannaleena Hauru and Metatitanic as a cover story in November 2018:

Reseacher Eetu Viren wrote a large essay on on the film:

Metatitanic has been touring around Finnish cinemas in Helsinki, Turku, Tampere etc. Metatitanic is distributed internationally by AV-Arkki (programme(at)


Hannaleena Hauru
Jussi Lankoski
Kimi Vilkkula

Katri Myllyniemi
Tanja Heinänen
Joona Möttö
Panu Akrenius

Kaisu Suopanki
Johannes Vartola

Ilja Rautsi
Emilia Haukka
Vappu Tuomisto
Jarno Mahlberg
Ilkka Levä
Anu Kaaja
Jussi Seppänen
Maija Hartikainen
Tuukka Leijavuori

Salla Lintonen
Pietu Wikström
Anna Kankila
Kerttu Sormunen

Script and directing:

Hannaleena Hauru


Lasse Poser

Additional camerawork:

Hannaleena Hauru, Jussi Lankoski, Lasse Poser, Aino Havu

Script doctor:

Anu Kaaja


Hannaleena Hauru ja Lasse Poser

Sound Design:

Karri Niinivaara


Lauri Wuolio


Lasse Poser, Sam Morgan, Emilia Haukka


Jussi Seppänen

Thank you:

Jussi Rantamäki ja Emilia Haukka, Mark Lwoff, Anna Murtola, Matti Koskinen, Kino Euphoria / Euphoria Borealis ry


Hannaleena Hauru in association with Aamu Film Company and BUFO

The Ice Hockey film by Heidi (2017)

In the experimental short film Heidi’s fantasy about hockey player Lauri Mäntyvaara is continuously failing. The split screen short film studies the encounters of optical and haptic cinema, and the change in the power structures of the gaze in cinema. The film has been shot in collaboration with Hannaleena Hauru’s first feature film “Thick Lashes of Lauri Mäntyvaara”, with the support of AVEK – The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture. 

Press kit

Distribution: AV-Arkki / Finland

The most important thing at the moment

The short film is about Finnish media phenomenons around Europe’s refugee crisis, reflecting how the current TTIP negotiations are being drowned in it.

As an artistic inspiration I’ve used the tape recording of Toshiro Mayuzumi’s “Works for musique concrete X. Y. Z”, made in Tokyo after The Second World War, in 1953. I found this highly inspirational tape on Ubuweb, and I’ve used it unedited.

The used archive material references:
-Wikileaks about TTIP
-250 000 people protesting in Berlin against TTIP in October 2015
-The Finnish news about a guy dressed as a KKK-member to “welcome” refugees to Lahti
-Porridge taste been critized by new refugees in Finland
-Saudi Arabia refusing to take refugees at the same time while having 100 000 empty air-conditioned tents

Thanks to the guys from Shortlife for the challenge. As I’ve used a lot of archive material, the original challenge of “actors have to be actually drunk” is quite metaphorical in this outcome, though, but I did my best.

Also, a humble working partner, my MacbookPro will be retiring after this short film – that almost killed it, and why I had to cut quite many corners with the finalization. Thanks for all these years buddy, and happy pension days!

Also thanks to the the residencies: AARK in Korppoo, Finland, and Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris.

Miten sanotaan – (Comment dire / What is the Word) (2013)

Poetry film based on Samuel Beckett’s “What is the word”. Shot in Paris, August 2013.

Suomeksi, avec sous-titres francais:

English version:

Elokuva Samuel Beckettin runosta “Comment dire”,
käännös Hannaleena Hauru

Rooleissa: Iivi Meltaus, Denis Leluc, Pekka Kumpulainen, Joseph Stacey, Uriel Jaouen, Jonathan Perrut
Kiitos: Miina Alajärvi, Sacha Brodeur
Erityiskiitos: Laura Jaakkola

Kuvattu Pariisissa elokuussa 2013,

1st International Kino Kabaret Paris


ihan pimeetä —
pimeetä että —
että —
miten sanotaan —
pimeetä että tää —
tässä tää —
pimeetä tää tässä että —
ihan vaan —
pimeetä tässä näin —
nähdään —
pimeetä nähdä tää —
tää —
miten sanotaan —
tää —
tää tää —
täshän tää —
mitäs tässä —
nähdään —
pimeetä —
pimeetä nähdä kaikki tässä näin —
että —
miten sanotaan —
nähdään —
vähän —
vähän nähdään —
ehkä vähän nähdään —
pimeetä ehkä ihan vähän nähdä —
hä —
miten sanotaan —
ja missä —
vähän nähdään hä ihan pimeetä missä —
missä —
miten sanotaan —
siellä —
tuolla —
tuol noin —
etäällä —
etäällä tuol noin —
ei täällä —
etäällä tuol noin ei täällä hä —
tä —
miten sanotaan —
nähdään täs —
täs tää täs näin —
pimeetä nähdä näin —
vähän —
ehkä vähän näin —
ehkä ihan vähän näin —
etäällä vähän näin näin —
ihan pimeetä näin näin vähän etäällä ei täällä näin hä —
tä —
miten sanotaan —
miten sanotaan —

Säälistäjät – Mercy all the way (2015)

The jury congratulates the maker of this film for boldness, craziness and a body image that differs from the mainstream. This comedy is rudimentarily genius. – Tampere Film Festival, National Jury 2015, Special Prize

Säälistäjät – Mercy all the way is a 30 min short I’ve written together with Tanja Heinänen.

The film is a comical satire about about a group of women working in a Finnish unemployment office. They have started to give mercyfucks to young men in order to prevent future school shootings in Finland. Mirja (35) falls in love with one of her mercy customers, Marko (23). The safety of Finland is at stake. Can Mirja continue her quest to keep all the young Finnish men calm with sex, or does romance have better plans for her?

For more info (in Finnish:)

Lue lisää projektista täältä: SYNOPSIS.


The Slut Trilogy (2009-2011)

This is a series of three short films made in 2009-2011, the so-called “Slut trilogy”. It started from the idea of exploring the borders of fiction and reality by selecting topic as near a possible to a “filmmaking taboo”.

The first film “Once a slut, always a slut” is made with the format of a making of. I’m a director confessing that my main interest in filmmaking is to hook up with men. This was the first time when I forced myself to the other side of the camera. Thanks to an awesome team, the film ended up to be quite funny.

Written and Directed by Hannaleena Hauru
Cinematography Sissi Korhonen & Sini Järnström
Sound recordist Christian Haas
Dramaturgical advisory Ilja Rautsi
Assistant editor Ioana Tarchila


Director Hannaleena Hauru
Actor Thomas Lesourd
Actress Marion Casabianca
Former collague Synes Elischka
Former actor Matthias Lindenthal
Props Selina Baumgartel
DOP Sini Järnström
Making of artist Sissi Korhonen

The project grew to be a trilogy as I realized that the format of mocumentary has the potential to be both funny and very realistic. Also I wanted to try out the extreme possibilities of building a realistic feeling by using the method of  documentary inside a mockumentary. The second part “Sacrificed for a passion” was made during our train travel from Tallinn to Istanbul. The method of building the script as the camera circled from hand to hand was a great way to build a film. Special thanks goes to Jerker and Greg, who really put themselves on the line while making this one.

Director: Hannaleena Hauru

Script: Hannaleena Hauru, Grzegorz Brzozowski, Jerker Beckman

Hannaleena Hauru
Grzegorz Brzozowski
Jerker Beckman

Ando Naulainen
Aleksandra Marchenko
Nicolas Servide
Hetta Huhtamäki

Jerker Beckman
Vincent Bitaud
Marius Apopei
Antoine Cattin

Also included:
Vincent Bitaud
Catalin Musat
Luca Lucchesi
Lucille Caballero
Liso Cassano
Julia Széphelyi-Frankl
Mara Trifu
Vappu Tuomisto
Bas Voorwinde
Vefik Karaege

Thanks to:
Maximilien Van Aertryck
Anu Kaaja

After making these two films a horrible alter ego of mine had been born. And as they say, you either gotta kill your alter ego or tranform into her totally. In the closure of the trilogy I took the last step to the “real feel”, with some of my closest friends being part of the film. “Back to the lover” was made to close the trilogy and also to have a some sort of time capsule about the mixed up period in my life in Helsinki and outside of it.

Director: Hannaleena Hauru

Crew: Hannaleena Hauru, Ilja Rautsi, Synes Elischka, Ville-Veikko Kerimaa, Lasse Poser, Ossi Koskelainen, Tanja Heinänen, Anu Kaaja, Jarno Elonen

And oh yes, like any great consept :), the slut trilogy has a spin-of as well. Hetta Huhtamäki made “Self sacrificing for an ideal” as a spin of to the second part of my trilogy of annoying usage of power to fulfil one’s desires…

The spin of:

Director: Hetta Huhtamäki

Cinematography: Begüm Güleç
Actors: Hetta Huhtamäki, Nick Shaw, Nicolas Servide, Hannaleena Hauru
Editor: Hannaleena Hauru