Acting in Films


I’ve been acting in a bunch of films. Me and Ilja Rautsi put together this showreel to elaborate the essence of my roles.



Jukranpujut (Finland 2015)

by: Roscoe Lee

Love for 17$50 (France 2013)

dir: Alban Van Wassenhove

Adaptation of Charles Bukowski’s short story, with Joseph Stacey, Liam Mac an Bháird, Xavier Anthonioz, Hannaleena Hauru, Sofiana Robles


Dancing Shoes (Finland/France 2013)

dir: Robert Ly

avec : Hannaleena Hauru, Synes Elischka, Ella Mustajärvi, Denis Leluc


Die Kommissarin (Episode 1) (Finland, 2012)

dir. Sini Järnström

I’m starring in a GERMAN police series!

with. Hannaleena Hauru, Valentine Rwambiwa, Johanna Kinnari, Agnes Kaszas, Sami Vehmersuo


Chamlet (France, 2012)

dir. Sacha Brodeur

with Denis Deluc, Justine Assaf, Hannaleena Hauru, Christophe Amsili, Emile Feltesse


Come Inside Me (Canada, 2011)

My character is slighly austistic, slighty lesbian in this scifi-horror-short.

dir. Thomas Lesourd

with. Hannaleen Hauru, Marion Casabianca and Michael Leterrier


I love you (Finland/France 2010)

I think I’m again a bit austistic, acting with Ilja Rautsi & Eero Erkamo.

dir. Thomas Lesourd


Hammerlove (Finland, 2010)

Though flirtation I like to trap people into a parallel universe and make them fight with hammers until death.

dir. Ilja Rautsi

with: Tuulia Kallio, Hannaleena Hauru, Juha Lankinen


In addition, you’ll find me acting in the so-called “Slut Trilogy”. 

Yes, indeed my acting CV has a collection of very interesting titles.


AND not to forget:

Finnish People help abandoned zombies

dir. Thomas Lesourd

with: Hannaleena Hauru & Miriam Bauerstatter

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