Short films written and directed by Hannaleena Hauru. Watch and enjoy.

Jos kaadun (If I Fall)

“A nordic, but still universal film expressing the search of love in a poetic story of few words. The flawless directing of the film deals with human relations on many levels and with great complexity.”

-Jury’s statement: Uppsala International Short Film Festival Grand Prix 2008

Finnish title: “Älä kuiskaa ystävän suuhun”. It’s a 10 minute short shot in Summer 2009 – examining the borderline between platonic and romantic love through two linking time levels. Shot on S16mm.

“Conflict with a god” (2010) is something short and fun, a part of my MA thesis for Aalto University.

Based on Samuel Beckett’s poem “Comment dire”. Shot in Paris in 2013.

“Cathing” was made in Argentina and Spain. It’s actually a sequel for my short “If I Fall”.

“Adultery”, a one shot short film, made as part of Kino Euphoria International Kino Kabaret in 2011.


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