36 dramatic situations (2010-2011)

This is one part of my Master’s Thesis project for ELO Helsinki Film School.

For my MA thesis I made 36 cinematic exercises studying George Polti’s dramatic situations on film. To read and watch what I did, you have to go to the project site, that’s mostly in Finnish. But most of the films are subtitled in English, so feel no fear.

The 36 dramatic situations by George Polti are:

1. Supplication
2. Deliverance
3. Vengeance of a crime
4. Vengeance taken for kindred upon kindred
5. Pursuit
6. Disaster
7. Falling prey to cruelty or misfortune
8. Revolt
9. Daring enterprise
10. Abduction
11. The Enigma
12. Obtaining
13. Enmity of kinsmen
14. Rivalry of kinsmen
15. Murderous adultery
16. Madness
17. Fatal imprudence
18. Involuntary crimes of love
19. Slaying of a kinsman unrecognised
20. Self-sacrificing for an ideal
21. Self-sacrifice for kindred
22. All sacrificed for a passion
23. Necessity of sacrificing loved ones
24. Rivalry of superior and inferior
25. Adultery
26. Crimes of love
27. Discovery of the dishonour of a loved one
28. Obstacles to love
29. An enemy loved
30. Ambition
31. Conflict with a god
32. Mistaken jealousy
33.  Erroneous judgement
34. Remorse
35. Recovery of a lost one
36.  Loss of loved ones

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