The most important thing at the moment

The short film is about Finnish media phenomenons around Europe’s refugee crisis, reflecting how the current TTIP negotiations are being drowned in it.

As an artistic inspiration I’ve used the tape recording of Toshiro Mayuzumi’s “Works for musique concrete X. Y. Z”, made in Tokyo after The Second World War, in 1953. I found this highly inspirational tape on Ubuweb, and I’ve used it unedited.

The used archive material references:
-Wikileaks about TTIP
-250 000 people protesting in Berlin against TTIP in October 2015
-The Finnish news about a guy dressed as a KKK-member to “welcome” refugees to Lahti
-Porridge taste been critized by new refugees in Finland
-Saudi Arabia refusing to take refugees at the same time while having 100 000 empty air-conditioned tents

Thanks to the guys from Shortlife for the challenge. As I’ve used a lot of archive material, the original challenge of “actors have to be actually drunk” is quite metaphorical in this outcome, though, but I did my best.

Also, a humble working partner, my MacbookPro will be retiring after this short film – that almost killed it, and why I had to cut quite many corners with the finalization. Thanks for all these years buddy, and happy pension days!

Also thanks to the the residencies: AARK in Korppoo, Finland, and Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris.