Essential short films by Hannaleena Hauru

Here you can watch 7 essential short films written and directed by Hannaleena Hauru:



Miten sanotaan – (Comment dire / What is the Word) (2013)

Poetry film based on Samuel Beckett’s “What is the word”. Shot in Paris, August 2013.

Suomeksi, avec sous-titres francais:

English version:

Elokuva Samuel Beckettin runosta “Comment dire”,
käännös Hannaleena Hauru

Rooleissa: Iivi Meltaus, Denis Leluc, Pekka Kumpulainen, Joseph Stacey, Uriel Jaouen, Jonathan Perrut
Kiitos: Miina Alajärvi, Sacha Brodeur
Erityiskiitos: Laura Jaakkola

Kuvattu Pariisissa elokuussa 2013,

1st International Kino Kabaret Paris


ihan pimeetä —
pimeetä että —
että —
miten sanotaan —
pimeetä että tää —
tässä tää —
pimeetä tää tässä että —
ihan vaan —
pimeetä tässä näin —
nähdään —
pimeetä nähdä tää —
tää —
miten sanotaan —
tää —
tää tää —
täshän tää —
mitäs tässä —
nähdään —
pimeetä —
pimeetä nähdä kaikki tässä näin —
että —
miten sanotaan —
nähdään —
vähän —
vähän nähdään —
ehkä vähän nähdään —
pimeetä ehkä ihan vähän nähdä —
hä —
miten sanotaan —
ja missä —
vähän nähdään hä ihan pimeetä missä —
missä —
miten sanotaan —
siellä —
tuolla —
tuol noin —
etäällä —
etäällä tuol noin —
ei täällä —
etäällä tuol noin ei täällä hä —
tä —
miten sanotaan —
nähdään täs —
täs tää täs näin —
pimeetä nähdä näin —
vähän —
ehkä vähän näin —
ehkä ihan vähän näin —
etäällä vähän näin näin —
ihan pimeetä näin näin vähän etäällä ei täällä näin hä —
tä —
miten sanotaan —
miten sanotaan —


Säälistäjät – Mercy all the way (2015)

The jury congratulates the maker of this film for boldness, craziness and a body image that differs from the mainstream. This comedy is rudimentarily genius. – Tampere Film Festival, National Jury 2015, Special Prize

Säälistäjät – Mercy all the way is a 30 min short I’ve written together with Tanja Heinänen. sapsaelokuva.wordpress.com

The film is a comical satire about about a group of women working in a Finnish unemployment office. They have started to give mercyfucks to young men in order to prevent future school shootings in Finland. Mirja (35) falls in love with one of her mercy customers, Marko (23). The safety of Finland is at stake. Can Mirja continue her quest to keep all the young Finnish men calm with sex, or does romance have better plans for her?

For more info (in Finnish:)

Lue lisää projektista täältä: SYNOPSIS.



Whispering in a friend’s mouth (2010)

Short film (10 minutes) shot in Summer 2009 in Finland – examining the borderline between platonic and romantic love through two linking time levels. Shot on S16mm with the support of the Finnish Film Foundation, AVEK and YLE. Premiered in Berlinale 2010 (Generation 14+).

Script:Hannaleena Hauru
Director:Hannaleena Hauru
Cinematography: Jan-Niclas Jansson
Set design: Jukka Nieminen
Sound: Jussi Honka
Music:Lauri Wuolio
Editing : Markus Leppälä
Production: Jussi Rantamäki
Actors: Anna Kuusamo, Antti Haikkala


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Catching (2009)

Kaarina (actress Tanja Heinänen) is an unemployed Finnish sawmill worker, who travels to Argentina to work after having enough of the short term jobs and relatioships back up North. The film is a personal statement about the ongoing global transformation of the forest industry.

“Catching” continues from the themes of the sawmill related short film “If I Fall”, by Hannaleena Hauru, 2007. The film is opening a universal aspect to the issues about forest industry – work, and the search of love. “Catching” is combining everyday work to a poetic context with a dramaturgic structure following a cross-section of a tree.

director: Hannaleena Hauru
actress: Tanja Heinänen
editor: Andrea Zapata Girau

Language: Finnish, with English subtitles



Vialliset otteet (2009)

“Vialliset otteet” is a docufiction about Elina and Ari (26) and their unconventional relationship. The film is mixing material based on true events and feelings, true dreams, imaginined things, fictive events and documentary. It’s my bachelor’s thesis work for ELO Helsinki Film School.

In its first screenings in TaiK “Vialliset otteet” consisted of parts where the actors were performing live to the film audience. The process of making the film consisted of researching how the emotional appeal in the live and filmed material was received by the audience. The final tape version of the film is the conclusion of a process, where for over a year the director and the two main actors, Tanja Heinänen and Eugene Kleparski, studied the differences of presence and reality gained in live performances in opposition to the presence on the screen. Hannaleena Hauru made her theoretical study on trying to achieve a realistic feel to fictive material. Also the project was a study on various acting and directing methods, seeking for a more “authentic” cinema. One focus point was in achieving an “improvised” feeling to strictly written scenes.

The film ends to a 5-minute counterpart made for the script of “Vialliset otteet”.

We made a special “DVD version” of the performative film. It’s in two parts here:

DIRECTOR Hannaleena Hauru

SCRIPT Hannaleena Hauru

PRODUCER Hannaleena Hauru

CINEMATOGRAPHY Aarne Tapola, Jan-Niclas Jansson, Hannaleena Hauru

SOUND Hannaleena Hauru

EDITING Hannaleena Hauru, Lasse Poser

SET BUILDERS Jouko Raudasoja, Juha-Matti Toppinen,

OTHER: Tommi Kainulainen, Jarno Muhonen (sound recordists)
Pietari Peltola (assist. cinematography)

Tanja Heinänen (Elina)
Eugene Kleparski (Ari)

Featuring: Pirjo Heikkilä, Hanna Juvonen, Robert Grunow, Lasse Poser.

Homepage of the film.


So there are no poems coming to me (2007)

“So there are no poems coming to me” is influenced by the novel “Snow”, by Orhan Pamuk. Shot in Beijing and Kars (Turkey) in 2007. It’s a melancholic evocation of lost love.
director: Hannaleena Hauru

music: Lauri Wuolio


I’m examining here how the actual images discuss with images created only by writing.

The film was a part of workshop organized by Nisi Masa – European Network of Young Cinema.


If I Fall (2007)

“A nordic, but still universal film expressing the search of love in a poetic story of few words. The flawless directing of the film deals with human relations on many levels and with great complexity.”

-Jury’s statement: Uppsala International Short Film Festival Grand Prix 2008

A short film about Kaarina, a Finnish sawmill worker. She’s falling down repetitively without anyone noticing.

”If I Fall” (2007) was my graduation work for Tampere University of Applied Sciences. The script has been given the Nisi Masa script award in 2005, and after premiered in Cannes Critics’ Week carte blance in 2007, the short has been around quite many festivals (awards from Oberhausen, Tampere, Uppsala). I’m happy to have the film online now –it’s a bit shabby DVD rip, but I have the 35 mm print of the film in my flat, and promise to give a screening to anyone who has the screen and the projector.


Starring: Tanja Heinänen, Ville Majamaa & Mikko Joukamaa

Script & Director: Hannaleena Hauru
Cinematography: Jan-Niclas Jansson
Editor: Sanna Ryhänen
Sound Design: Jussi Honka & Rauli Roininen
Music: Anna Huuskonen
Executive Producers: Anni Pänkäälä & Samu Reijonen

Uppsala International Short Film Festival, Sweden, Grand Prix 2008.
54th Int. Short Film Festival Oberhausen, award of the cinema jury:
best 35 mm film under 15 min
Tampere Film Festival 2008: award of the youth jury
Blue Sea Film Festival, Baltic Herring 2007, 2. award on student category
Nisi Masa script award 2005

13 minutes, (shot originally on S16mm)

Metatitanic – premiere at Helsinki International Film Festival 2018

Hannaleena Hauru’s Metatitanic!


Metatitanic, English Teaser

Metatitanic (47 min) is exploring romantic love in capitalism through James Cameron’s film “Titanic” (1997). Meta-Rose (Hannaleena Hauru) and Meta-Jack (Jussi Lankoski) are falling in love while Helsinki is sinking, and jealous boyfriend (Kimi Vilkkula) can’t prevent love from happening.

Finnish magazine Voima wrote about Hannaleena Hauru and Metatitanic as a cover story in November 2018:


Reseacher Eetu Viren wrote a large essay on on the film:


Metatitanic has been touring around Finnish cinemas in Helsinki, Turku, Tampere etc. Metatitanic is distributed internationally by AV-Arkki (programme(at)av-arkki.fi)


Hannaleena Hauru
Jussi Lankoski
Kimi Vilkkula

Katri Myllyniemi
Tanja Heinänen
Joona Möttö
Panu Akrenius

Kaisu Suopanki
Johannes Vartola

Ilja Rautsi
Emilia Haukka
Vappu Tuomisto
Jarno Mahlberg
Ilkka Levä
Anu Kaaja
Jussi Seppänen
Maija Hartikainen
Tuukka Leijavuori

Salla Lintonen
Pietu Wikström
Anna Kankila
Kerttu Sormunen

Script and directing:

Hannaleena Hauru


Lasse Poser

Additional camerawork:

Hannaleena Hauru, Jussi Lankoski, Lasse Poser, Aino Havu

Script doctor:

Anu Kaaja


Hannaleena Hauru ja Lasse Poser

Sound Design:

Karri Niinivaara


Lauri Wuolio


Lasse Poser, Sam Morgan, Emilia Haukka


Jussi Seppänen

Thank you:

Jussi Rantamäki ja Emilia Haukka, Mark Lwoff, Anna Murtola, Matti Koskinen, Kino Euphoria / Euphoria Borealis ry


Hannaleena Hauru in association with Aamu Film Company and BUFO

“Thick Lashes” awarded at Oslo PIX Film Festival

Hannaleena Hauru’s first feature film Thick Lashes of Lauri Mäntyvaara was awarded at the Oslo PIX Film Festival with an honorary mention 9 June 2018.

“Kickass girls on dirtbikes surfing across finnish lakes, paired with the vulnarability of
the teenage crush that takes a hold of you and make you lose touch with reality.
The director has an energetic aesthetic, and brings us characters we could stay in the company of for hours. We can’t wait to see the next thing this director comes up with.
Honorable mention goes to the engaging and imaginative Thick Lashes of Lauri


The jury members were Emilie Blichfeldt, Gry Cecilie Rustad and Marte Stapnes. “– dette er en regissør vi gleder oss til å se mer fra”.

Näyttökuva 2018-6-9 kello 22.16.54.png


German premiere for “The Ice Hockey Film by Heidi”

interfilm berlin

The experimental short film by Hannaleena Hauru, “Ice Hockey Film by Heidi” gets its German premiere in November 2017.

Catch the “Split Screen” Screening of Interfilm Berlin Festival:

22.11.17, 21:45h, Eiszeit Kino 1 
24.11.17, 23:00h, Babylon 2 

Ice Hockey Film by Heidi is distributed by AV-Arkki

More info here:



First Teaser for “Thick Lashes of Lauri Mäntyvaara”

Here’s the first teaser of Hannaleena’s first feature film “Thick Lashes of Lauri Mäntyvaara”.

In Finnish cinemas 28 July 2017.

BFF rebels Satu and Heidi go around the idyllic archipelago sabotaging posh summer weddings as they preach that real love is not for sale – until Heidi falls head over heels for the dreamy ice hockey protégé Lauri Mäntyvaara. Suddenly Satu is alone with her revolution while Heidi only sees cute kittens and oiled muscles everywhere. How can Satu now put a stop to the Scandinavian Geisha School’s plan of creating a generation of bimbos? Heidi’s big brother Henri provides unasked help – but is he and his Crocs just another kind of a threat? Love, friendship and the total upheaval of society are put to the final test in a clash of hockey, flamethrowers and a surreal sponsor cruise as Satu is forced to decide what she really, truly wants. And whether she dares to go for it.